Vertical Farming Conference | 28 juni | Venlo


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"Growing a large crop yield in a small footprint"

Locatie: Villa Flora, Brightlands Campus Greenport ,Venlo
Start: 10.00 uur
Toegang: €345,- (met de code AFTP17v ontvang je 30% korting op de ticketprijs)

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De groeiende wereldpopulatie, de verstedelijking, klimaatveranderingen en druk op natuurlijke hulpbronnen zijn de belangrijkste aandachtspunten voor beleid inzake de mondiale voedselzekerheid. De verticale teelt van landbouwproducten is een innovatieve methode om 'zero-mile city food supply' te realiseren. Verticale boerderijen kunnen gebouwd worden in nieuwe of bestaande gebouwen en leveren aanzienlijke voordelen op het gebied van duurzaamheid en gezondheid. De behoefte aan water en voedingsstoffen wordt verminderd en pesticiden zijn niet langer nodig zijn. Verticale landbouw en stedelijke landbouw, indien ontworpen en adequaat geïmplementeerd, kunnen duurzame en innovatieve oplossingen bieden voor de verbetering van de voedselzekerheid.

Welke nieuwe business modellen maken het verschil?

Welke nieuwe spelers gaan het traditionele landbouwlandschap transformeren?

Hoe kunnen we meer mensen voeden met beperkte landbouwgrond en beperkte middelen?

Hoe kunnen we ruimte, licht en logistiek volledig benutten voor verticaal farming?

Hoe identificeer en ontwikkel je innovatieve methoden voor duurzame voedselproductie?

Tijdens het Vertical Farming congres krijg je antwoorden!



08:45u - 09:20u Ontvangst en registratie
09.20u - 09.30u Opening & Welcome, Pieter van Hout & Jacqueline van Oosten, AgriFoodTech Platform

Session ‘Plant Science':

09:30 - 10:00 uur: Keynote: Lisa J. Newman, AeroFarms (USA)

Lisa J. Newman, Ph.D., Chief Operations Officer, is Chief

Operations Officer at AeroFarms. Trusted leader for large-scale controlled environment operations. Recognized ability to implement innovative solutions with both speed and positive impact. Enjoys developing people and fostering a team-based environment that embraces diversity, inclusion and commitment to action. Dedicated and knowledgeable professional with a passion for searching out improvement opportunities which contribute to increased organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and operational results. Proven track-record of combining cross-functional business and technical knowledge to achieve breakthrough results. Skilled at translating business strategy to solid execution at shop floor level.

10.00 - 10.20 uur: Stiina Kotiranta, Research and Solution Manager bij Valoya Ltd (Finland)

10.20 - 10.40 uur: Marcel Kers, PlantLab Group, The Netherlands

Sessie: “PlantLab, the Next Generation of Growing” PlantLab, the Next Generation of Growing – Presented by Marcel Kers, PlantLab Group at the Vertical Farming Conference which takes place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

A view of the development of ‘PlantLab’ through the last 10 years in the field of Vertical Farming and the strategy of the company in the field of Closed growing environment. About Marcel Kers Marcel is one of the founders of PlantLab and member of the Management Team of the company. With a focus on the plant related research with partners in all different fields. He likes to puzzle with plants and to apply there scientific, as well practical plant balance, approach to get the most out of it en transfer that into feasible applications. About PlantLab Group PlantLab is an internationally operating company focused on growing plants in a controlled environment (Plant Production Units), without daylight, using a unique and worldwide patented combination of climate control and LED systems, based on mathematic models. Using our products, our clients are able to breed and harvest, completely independent from time and space restrictions. The more control over the process, the better, stronger, more unique, tastier and safer the bred product will be. And the larger the contribution will be to a sustainable, better society, where we behave sensibly as regards to space, energy, water and food. The PlantLab knowhow and technology can be applied in a wide range of areas, such as plant breeding, Urban Farming and the manufacturing of pharmaceutical or cosmetic raw materials from plants.

10.40 - 11.00 uur: Peter Korsten, Director, Botany, The Netherlands

11.00u - 11.30u Break and networking

Session ‘Plant Nutrition’:

1130 - 11.50 uur: Pieter Heyse, Centexbel (Belgium)

Sessie: “Textiles: key in next generation farming”, More information

While the demand for high quality, low impact food is rising; arable land close to market is declining. Novel farming techniques are implemented such as closed loop irrigation and LED lighting, though one seems to rely on traditional horticulture substrates. Water retention, quality consistency, recyclability and ecological footprint are downsides of today’s substrates and we feel the textiles may offer new solutions for next generation farming. Textile-, building-, environmental- and ornamental plants research groups in Belgium have joined forces to evaluate textile alternatives for plant substrates for green walls, but the developed materials may well be adoptable in agriculture.

About Pieter Heyse

After training in Bio-Science engineering (2003) I started a PhD (2008) in plasma coating and developed an in-line enzyme immobilization method. New challenges where found in textile coating and finishing at Centexbel. I focus on smart textiles, responsive coatings, bio-active surfaces and novel applications in building, architecture and horticulture.

11.50 - 12.10 uur: Rene van Haeff, Light4Food

Sessie: City Farming: Cultivation on a net

The cultivation of leafy vegetables on a ‘net’, without any additives such as potting soil or rock wool mats makes the system revolutionary and unique. Hereby, the only necessities which have been used are the ‘naked’ seeds which are sown on a ‘net’. Under the ‘net’ is water where the nutrients are offered to the leafy vegetables. Furthermore, the irrigation is conducted with an ebb and flood system. With the LED lighting, the desired light spectrum and intensity for the plant will be given. This is a different approach in cultivating leafy vegetables such as Lettuce baby leaf, Lolo Rosso, and Spinach. It is also possible to grow Herbs as Basel, Arugula, Parsley and Coriander.

About Rene van Haeff

Rene van Haeff is an entrepreneur, who can set ideas into reality, looking carefully to the financial feasibility of the system. With 25 years of experience in the Mushroom growing sector, Rene van Haeff and his partners in Light4Food saw possibilities in growing vegetables in City Farms by using LED lights.

12.10u - 12.30u Discussion
12.30u - 13.30u Lunch en netwerken

Session ‘Greenhouse / Pinkhouse technology’

13.30 - 13.50 uur: Jan Westra, Strategic Business developer, Priva

Jan Westra, Strategic Business developer, Priva

13.50 - 14.10 uur: Martin Veenstra, Sales Engineer, Certhon, The Netherlands

Martin Veenstra, Sales Engineer, Certhon, The Netherlands

14.10 - 14.30 uur: Celine Nicole, Senior research scientist (PhD), Philips Lighting

A revolution in food production enabled by LED lighting – Presented by Céline NICOLE, Philips Lighting at the Vertical Farming Conference which takes place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

Vertical farming technology has been introduced in Japan and in the USA for growing vegetables and soft fruits. Soon the first commercial farm in Europe will open. With a well-controlled environment, new health benefits, food safety, pesticides free, optimized nutrients and increased shelf-life can be offered to consumers. With the progress of LED lighting efficiency and the knowledge of light-plant interaction, a better quality control can now be achieved together with improved energy efficiency. Growth strategies combining crop quality attributes (e.g. color, nutrients, shelf life) with efficient growth are key for economic viability of plant factories.

About Céline NICOLE

Plant scientist researcher at Philips Horticulture LEDs solutions for 8 years and at Philips Research for 16 years. Expertise in plant science and technology. Specialist in nutrition, growth and pre- or post-harvest quality of various horticultural crops under LED lighting. Responsible laboratory manager of R&D cityfarming facility in the GrowWise research center.

14.30u - 15.00u Discussion
15.00u - 15.30u Break en netwerken

Session Environment

15.30 - 15.50 uur: Daniel Podmirseg, Architect, Head of the Vertical Farm Institute, Austria

Vertical Farming: Towards a new building typology – Presented by Daniel Podmirseg, Vertical Farm Institute at the Vertical Farming Conference which takes place on June 28, 2017, at Villa Flora, Venlo, The Netherlands.

Food demand will continue to grow. State of the art in detailed analysis of adequately developed new building typologies for Vertical farms indicate potentials to increase the overall energy efficiency of cities if new design parameters for the building typology have been taken into account. In addition the Vertical Farm is a promising typus for urban food supply, it drastically reduces land use – and makes the urban food system independent from hydrocarbon energy. Synergy potentials are expectable not only on an energetic, but also on an economic and social level. Food production could become part of urban daily life again.

About Mag.arch. Dr. techn. Daniel Podmirseg

Podmirseg’s thesis on “Contribution of Vertical Farms to increase the overall Energy Efficiency of Cities” was developed at Graz University of Technology, defended with distinction. He is head of the vertical farm institute in Vienna which concentrates on research to develop new building typologies for Vertical Farming.

15.50 - 16.10 uur: Herman van Bekkem, Greenpeace

Herman van Bekkem, Greenpeace, The Netherlands, on “Ecological conditions to make vertical farming a success”

16.10 - 16.30 uur: (Invited) Speaker to be confirmed, Floating Farm


16.30u - 17.00u Discussion
17.00u - 18.00u Drinks en netwerken

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