BRIGHT Cow Hackathon – hack a cow!


Gepubliceerd op: 14 november 2017

Do you want to take part in a Hackathon organised by Bright Day?

Bright is pleased to announce the BRIGHT Cow Hackathon part of the NZO (the Dutch Dairy Association) where we invite hackers, designers, business developers, data scientists and other dairy enthusiasts to solve the biggest challenges facing our friendly farmers and cows all around the Netherlands.

The Hackathon Challenge:

With over 1.6 million cows in The Netherlands owned and operated by 18,000 dairy farmers there is increasing pressure to meet the many goals to move to more energy independence, continue improvements in livestock health and welfare, preserve grazing, protect biodiversity and the environment.

The farmers need your help!

There are many economic and environmental challenges facing the farmers today. Whether it’s better management systems of efficiency & effectiveness, or tools to lower costs, or accelerate co2 reduction or actually improve the health and happiness of the herd. There are real challenges facing real farmers who need winning solutions.

Data & Technologies:

There will be many real-world technologies & datasets available to participants to explore and develop. Teams will have access to all sorts of cutting edge farm-tech like sensors that collect info from milk production, health, insemination and datasets providing insights to food intake, biometric data, and GPS location data.

Bring your own laptops, phones, tablets & other toys. We will provide tech-savvy farmers and specialists to assist teams get up-and-running with the technologies on site. There will be a dedicated wifi access points and LAN connections available at the event.

Click here for further information and registration

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